I’m on my third submission on, with my first two submissions being unsuccessful. I certainly hope I don’t suck that bad so, I think I’ll tell myself the reason for my lack of success with these ‘creative invites’ is that I have an insufficient quantity of friends that can vote for me.

At any rate, I’m going to keep submitting to these things while I have the time even if I never win. One of the worst things an artist can do is stagnate and that’s something I tend to do when I don’t have something to work on. Of course it helps when there are deadlines, people relying on me finishing the project and monetary incentives.

My latest submission is a movie poster design for Tiffany Shlain’s latest documentary called Connected. You can check out the site to read a detailed explanation, but it’s a documentary and this is the poster idea I submitted.

Sara Kerr's poster idea submission on Talenthouse for Tiffany Shlain's documentary, Connected.

Voting starts in about 8 days and I’m hoping this time I can get into the finals. If you like my design, please go to my submission page and vote for me! If you are going to forget in 8 days, click on the “support” button and you’ll be reminded to vote.

More submissions to come! 🙂

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