An Artist’s Diary

Stack of Sara's SketchbooksSketchbooks are interesting to look through whether they’re old ones of mine or someone else’s. It’s captivating to see where my artistic skills were on a specific day, or recall what mood I was in, or why on one day I drew something that looked quite brilliant yet the next page contains something I could have drawn when I was five.

I find it astonishing how in many instances I can recall exactly where I was, who I was talking to, or what was going on around me while I was sketching. To me my sketchbooks are like coded diaries that utilize images rather than words to act as little flags in my memory to cause recollections. (Seems like a pretty crafty way to keep a diary’s contents safe and keep your mind sharp!)

So, why am I talking about sketchbooks? Well, I ran out of room in mine the other day and had to go out and buy a fresh one. Having crisp, new supplies is almost as satisfying as coming to that final page and seeing that I’ve developed my own little story book. I may not look through my sketchbooks for several months on end, but when I do I’m always left feeling accomplished knowing I have enough creativity to fill an entire book.

Sadly, I have not come to the end of a sketchbook in a long time. I have been neglecting to keep my skills sharp with diligent practice. Finishing this one reminded me not so much that I need to practice drawing (because forcing myself to do something when I don’t want to turns it into an unlikeable task), but instead it reminded me of the enjoyment I used to get out of sketching. I’d create something new almost daily, and I liked doing it. It was part of my day and I want to have that relationship with my sketchbook again.

You should flip through your old sketchbooks and see how much you remember about each day and why you were working on each sketch. It’s a time-sucker though so make sure you have at least an hour to kill! There are some drawings in mine that just make me laugh and laugh. . . I think you’ll find your own book to be a real page turner 🙂

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