Abstract Paintings

First abstract piece complete! WOOT!

First and foremost, please read [if you haven’t already], “Abstract art, why do you escape my grasp?” so you will understand what I’m about to scream because otherwise this is going to seem really random. . .


I’m actually sort of happy with the way it turned out. It’s amazing to think I could potentially tolerate it being hung in my apartment considering how much I hated it and wanted it destroyed. I didn’t do much to it; as you can see I only painted the brown stripes across it. For me they symbolize a cage containing all the struggles I had with this piece (hopefully they will remain there so the next one won’t be such a poop!).

Also, I hope that with the completion of this piece I will not reference BMs in my blog ever again. . .

What do you think?

Abstract art, why do you escape my grasp?


The struggle with abstract art continues – I simply cannot get the hang of it. I’m very literal, direct, straightforward – I try to keep things simple, and most of all logical. With all these characteristics, how does one loosen up and create something that is pure feeling and pure visual “nonsense?”

I have never understood abstract art and I can’t seem to get any meaning out of the majority of pieces I come across. I don’t want to shut myself out of an entire arena of the art world, but maybe it’s just not my style. . .

If you haven’t already seen it, the piece I’m having the worst time completing is this piece I blogged about in an earlier post called, Abstract crap. I blogged about it in 2010, but probably started on that painting back in 2007/08 and have painted over it…hmmm how many times now?

Let me count; it started out as a landscape painting, but I gave up on that and started dripping bright paint all over it which I morphed into a possible nuclear holocaust piece, but I [again] gave up on that, painted it black, put a kokopelli on it and smeared white gesso all over [which is the stage you see in Abstract Crap], afterwhich I decided to scrap the kokopelli and painted over it [yet again] in dark green which I intended to be the background for a grotesque interpretation of the correlation between modern models and Jews during the Holocaust, and now. . . well, see for yourself. . .

An unfinished abstract painting by Sara Kerr

What. a. mess.

So, that’s four times I painted over an idea I wasn’t making progress on. Based on my previous idea descriptions you can tell all my ideas are actual plans – I don’t know how to convert the specific images I have in my head into a generalization without those specific details.

Like I said, I’m direct: if I want to paint a tree, it’s going to be a tree. Why beat around the bush? The most direct route to the message I’m trying to portray is to “spell” it out with clear imagery. . . Maybe illustration and story telling is where I belong.

Currently I’m using hairspray bottles to spray a light shade of brown over it, leaving bottle caps on areas so some of the color shows through. I’m leaning toward titling the piece, ‘The Turd‘ since it has turned into such a piece of shit and my brain is seemingly constipated when I try to come up with something to do with it [my heart isn’t set on that title – It just seems like a suitable moniker at this frustrating point in time].

I’m thinking the next thing I’ll try – if The Turd fails – is burning this cursed canvas and starting fresh! [because painting over it time after time doesn’t seem to solve my problems. . .]