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Handcrafted Air Plant Stand Giveaway!

It’s time for week three’s giveaway! First, I’d like to start off by announcing last week’s winner of the Corky Friendz Giveaway so congratulations to Laurie M! You should have received an email and have 48 hours to reply to the email in order to claim your prize! In addition, don’t forget to enter the Mohawk Valley Trading Company Giveaway ending this Friday if you haven’t already!

So are you ready for this week’s giveaway?! Well this one comes to you from yours truly! I’m giving away one of my Handcrafted Air Plant Stands valued at $55.00 (including s/h)!

Airplant stand giveaway

These are great for plant lovers and dull cubicles that need a little nature! This sturdy plant holder is made from a half coconut shell, hung with macramé jute twine from a hand crafted wooden stand. It’s approximately 10.5″ tall, 4.5″ wide, and 6.5″ long.

Each stand includes:

– One Half Coconut shell strung with jute twine
– One Wooden stand
– Rocks
– One Tillandsia Air Plant (varies depending on availability)
***Please note that each stand will vary due to the nature of this hand crafted item. Also depending on coconut size, shape, color, and plant availability.***

Airplant stand giveaway


The stand is hand crafted out of poplar, with decorative edges, stained in “Early American,” top coated with outdoor urethane for endurance against moisture, and felt pads attached to the bottom hand made out of Alpaca wool to protect desk tops and tables from scuffs and scrapes. Each is embellished with a hand-made-by-me copper makers mark with my initials, SFK.



The coconut is a half shell coated in outdoor quality urethane to protect against moisture as well as to enhance the color of the shell. I don’t recommend submerging or filling the coconut with water as this may cause mold growth or mildew to form and potentially rot the plants.

The twine is not treated with any weather resistant materials so I recommend removing the plants from the holder to water them or spritz them with water to prevent the twine from rotting or causing mold growth. If you to choose to spritz the plants in the holder make sure it is a well ventilated area or in indirect sunlight to allow for quick air-drying.


Each stand comes with one tillandsia air plant – the specific type will vary depending on availability. They are nestled into the rocks and easily removed in order to water them.

Airplant stand giveaway


They need a lot of light, but not direct sun. Prolonged direct sun will burn many varieties of air plants. Air plants grow best in temperatures from 50-90F. They cannot tolerate freezing temps.

Water 2-3 times per week. Thoroughly wet the entire plant from top to bottom with a spray bottle or by gently running under the faucet. It is a good idea to give the plants a light misting on the days you do not do a complete watering. This is especially important for tiny plantlets, as they can dry out sooner than larger plants. It is also equally important to make sure that your plants are drying off within 3-4 hours after watering. Prolonged wetness can cause the plants to rot.

If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won and would like to order one of these cute stands, please visit my Etsy Shop and use the coupon code HOLIDAYGIVEAWAY at checkout to receive 10% off!

Airplant Stand Giveaway

Happy winning!

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Terms and Conditions:

-Winners must reside in one of the 48 contiguous states
-Must be 18 years or older to enter
-No PO Boxes for Shipping. If address is undeliverable or prize is unclaimed and sent back, winner is responsible for re-shipping charges.
-Prizes will be shipped within 30 days of giveaway end
-All entries will be verified
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Art Projects Potpourri #2!

I really need to do this more often! Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I’ve been involved in a bunch of different projects and I’m dumping all these into one big post.

To start, I’ve decided to become a PartyLite Independent Consultant! Wahoo! I’m not sure yet if it suits my personality, but I need me some sales experience and people skills! I’m hosting an online-only party this weekend and I’m finding I have a REALLY small circle! If you’re interested in ordering I’d appreciate it and I’m even giving out FREE tea light candles in a scent of your choice if you order this weekend at my party!

My consultant website is, click on the purple bar that says “Click here to look up your Host if you’re placing an order for a Party” and type in my name, Sara Kerr, in order to connect to the party. After you do that, any orders you place will be applied to the party and I’ll be able to contact you to give you your FREE tea lights! FYI, these tea-lights last 4-6 hours!

Now that I’m done with my PartyLite spiel, some other things I’ve been up to. . . I’m working on a new item to add to my Etsy page which, I don’t want to give too much away about it, but I will tell you it involves coconut shells, air plants, jute, and poplar. 😉

This last week I finally got the lead out of my ass, stretched a canvas, and did what I’ve been longing to do. . . drop water balloons filled with paint onto it! YEAH! I originally came across this technique while in a high school art class. I had the best teacher ever! She let me put a 3’x3′ canvas on the lawn of the school directly below her 2nd floor window and drop paint-filled water balloons onto it.

We first used bottles of tempera paint and tried to create an image that way, but I wasn’t too thrilled with how it was turning out. So, after letting that dry for a day (or three) one of us, or maybe it was another student suggested the water balloons. . . I don’t remember who it was, but whoever did, was a genius! I squeezed some acrylic paint from tubes into the balloons, stretched them over the faucets and filled them the rest of the way with water. Then we finally dropped them out the window onto the canvas.

It. Was. Awesome.

As I recall one of the first balloons dropped didn’t pop on impact. It got a tiny hole in it when it bounced off the canvas, then proceeded to roll down the hill next to a car, nearly spraying it with paint. I ran down out the door, down the stairs, and out the front doors so fast only to find a white patch on the school parking lot. OOPS! At least it didn’t get on whoever’s car that was.

I ended up painting over the entire canvas and taking it in a totally different direction, but I have always looked back at the technique as something worth doing again, and not because its shit-tons of fun, but because it creates a really interesting surface to work on.

This is the resultant painting. You can’t see it very well from this picture, but there is some cracking and bumpy texturing that adds to the impact of the piece.

Oh right, so the whole point of me telling you this is because I did it again last week. This time, since I live in an apartment complex, I had to do it in my garage. And being that I don’t want to get paint all over my apartment I had to fill the balloons out there as well. I taped up the garage Dexter-style (well if Dexter was suddenly super lazy and nonchalant about hanging his plastic) with old plastic sheets from fabric rolls and garbage bags.

Squeezing the paint into the balloons was essentially the same, but being that I don’t have a sink in the garage, I used a straw and bottle to fill the balloons with water. It was trickier and more time consuming, so I only filled two balloons.

After three attempts to pop the balloons they finally exploded rather splatter-tasticallly. I need less-holey plastic next time though because it shot through the gaps and holes and went 4-5 feet into the garage. What’s art without a little mess, right? The image on the left is where it stands as of yesterday. It’s the start of something. What, I do not know. I did come up with an idea while I was working on this, for a series of sarcastic propaganda posters. I’ll get into that another day though since this post is already longer than I expected! 🙂

The other things I’ve been working on is setting up a few more social networking sites for both my art, and my PartyLite Consulting biz. I joined Twitter and I may regret that later, but it won’t hurt to give it a whirl! (I hope). If you’re a twit, or tweeter, or whatever you call yourselves, please follow The Kerrminator on twitter! I try to keep it all strictly art-related so I don’t bog down your feed with political or personal bull crap.

I just recently created a Facebook page specifically for my art-doings as well.  Check out Thekerrminator on Facebook! Make sure you *like* it and tell your friends to *like* it as well 🙂

Lastly, I made a Facebook page for my PartyLite Consulting Biz. Be sure to like my “PartyLite with The Kerrminator” Facebook page too, as I’ll be using it to post monthly specials, host and guest rewards, giveaways, party info, and consulting opportunities. Don’t forget to get in on my party going on today and tomorrow and get in on some free tea-lights!

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for liking my pages! Happy Spring, everyone!