drawing raffle

And The Winner IS. . .!!!

Drumroll Please, Mr. Scott!

The winner of the raffle is. . .

Congrats Denise! Thanks so much for *liking* my facebook page! 😀 😀 😀

So, as I said before, you won a custom 10″ x 14″ drawing of a subject of your choice. It can be a portrait of you, your kids, your whole family, an illustration of your house, your favorite place, your dream car; anything or anyone you desire (unless of course I deem it way out of my league lol). I’ll be in touch to discuss the details of what you’d like!

To all other participants, thank you for helping expand my reach and making this an exciting raffle! To all those who wanted to participate, but saw the posts too late please *like* my Art and Design page on facebook so you stay connected in case one of these raffles happens again in a few months. *Wink-wink!* I’ll publish the drawing I complete for Denise so you can see what you can get in on next time. Of course if you just can’t wait, you can always order a commissioned piece from me anytime 😉

Thanks everyone! Again, Congrats to Denise!!