printed note cards

Interested in bi-monthly art giveaways?!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Even if it’s free paper clips; It’s just fun getting stuff for nothing! 😀

I’ve been contemplating a giveaway for a while, but now I’m thinking if there is enough interest, why not do one every couple months?

However, before I commit to this I want to get an idea of how much interest there is in my art/photography/design “stuff.” I’ll call this my “Test Giveaway” because what would be more embarrassing than asking for likes/comments and ending up with no replies? Heh. . .

For the Test Giveaway I’ll be giving away note cards! They’re printed with a photograph I took last summer of a pair of mushrooms growing on a moss-covered branch I came across while hiking at Tryon Creek State Park in Portland, Oregon.

For the first and fifth commenters, you will each receive one of these note cards!

I know it’s not much, but it’s just a test. After liking/commenting I’ll send you an email (make sure you provide an email address 😉 ) asking for your mailing address and in a few days voila! Note card delivered!

I like doing the note cards, but I’m open to suggestions on giveaway items so please offer up some ideas! We’re brainstorming so no idea is bad (I might come to regret saying that later). I included a couple silly ideas (and of course some serious ones as well) to get the flow of ideas started: