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Art, Design, and Illustration Portfolio Gets a Fresh New Look

It’s been months in the making (for no good reason other than life is busy so I’ve been picking at it here and there) and here it is! The Kerrminator’s Art, Design, and Illustration online portfolio gets a facelift for twenty fourteen! I’ve revamped it a bit with a new color palette, some new design elements, added some pieces from 2013, and I’m now on more social media that I can’t seem to keep up with! Hurray!

Kerrminator Logo

2014 looks to be a fantastic year for me and I look forward to sharing more of my projects, rants, advice, and I PROMISE I’ll do more giveaways! Thank you all for making 2013 a great year for The Kerrminator’s blog. I had more views this year than the previous two years combined!

On the docket for the coming months includes my tips on designing logos for embroidery, the next section on making roman calcei, and so much more!

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Happy New Year, internet friends!



Out of Retirement!

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller

With the launch of my improved art and design portfolio website coming up in a few months, I’ve been taking photos of various pieces of art I want to display. However, not all of it is on paper or canvas; I also do graphic design and t-shirt logos, but those are boring if I just post the graphic. I feel the visual appeal of a graphic design is much more eye-catching when you see it in it’s intended context and on the product it’s meant for. So, I decided to photograph some of the graphic t-shirts I designed as well as model the shirts myself since I have experience as an apparel model. The problem with this of course, is I then need someone else to do the photography.

“Slinky” by Josh Miller

No worries though, because I already had someone in mind. Josh Miller is a budding new photographer and the majority of his photography experience has been with landscapes and various scenery [see right example]. More recently though, he has expressed interest in portrait photography. We both saw this as a great opportunity for him to gain experience and for me to get back into practice with modeling [in addition to getting some great shots for my website].

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller
Josh didn’t have anywhere specific he wanted to do the shoot, and let me pick a location. I had a spot in mind I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot at ever since I moved to Portland…Waterfront Park. I was only looking for some interesting landscapes to use as backgrounds and I thought the bridges, boats and water would be suitable for a simple t-shirt.

This photo shoot made me realize exactly how long it’s been since I last modeled [more than a year…hence the title]. Firstly, I was having a TERRIBLE hair day and had to go with a messy bun, but additionally I felt really awkward posing…

…it was like sitting down to a fancy dinner with 2 dozen utensils on either side of my plate and no idea of what to do first, resulting in me hovering my hands around awkwardly and indecisively about what to do while at the same time trying not look like I don’t know what I’m doing…

So, I’m a bit rusty, but overall the shoot went well. Josh was great, I enjoyed shooting with him and we got some excellent shots. More of them would have been usable if only my hair had behaved. Oh Well! More shoots with different t-shirts [and a better hairdo] to come!

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller

Art Projects Potpourri!

It seems like ages since I last blogged! Well, maybe not ages, but it has been about 4 months. Much too long! I’ll just have to summarize all the latest Kerrminator projects to catch you up!

Gifts Galore!

Wind chime made of metal disks, copper pipes, hemp, and leather.As much as I’d like to make all my gifts for everyone, I just don’t have the time. However, I do try to make something for at least a couple people for either birthdays or Christmas. I had been planning on making some sort of wind chime using some metal disks I purchased from Doyle Hardware in Utica, NY before it closed a few years ago. They were practically giving stuff away to clear out the store and my mom and I scoured the back rooms for interesting things to use in art projects. Needless to say, we came across tons of interesting metal bits and bobs, but that’s a hole other story entirely.

The point is, I finally made a wind chime with my brother in mind. He records a lot of random sounds to create music with and each year I find it simpler to make him a gift. So far I’ve made him a ceramic ocarina, gave him a collection of weird sounds, made woven fabric canvases that make an interesting drum sound when wet and now the wind chime. I still have no idea what the metal disks are actually for, but I think they got put to good use and I still have plenty more to make another.

Ryan Noel logoIn addition to my brother’s gift, I also made my ‘manfriend’ a gift for Christmas in the form of a website. Ryan is an aspiring actor and had mentioned previously that it would be nice to have his own website. So, I created a site for him to display his acting resume, past and current head shots, modeling portfolio, and other miscellaneous skills. You can view his acting website,, to have a look at his skills and [obviously] see the site I designed. My web building skills are improving as we speak, and I’d like to eventually update his to be more modern and fresh, but it’ll do for now.

Colored pencil portrait of three women.A few other gifts I’ve made in the past year include a frame and custom matting for Ryan’s most current head-shot, a portrait of a bald eagle for my dad and a portrait of three friends for their birthdays. The bald eagle portrait is actually an interesting piece because I painted it on a cross section of a tree my dad cut down at the Bronx Zoo over 30 years ago. I don’t have a photo of it yet, but I’ll update this post once I get one.

In my last blog post I mentioned joining a site called I got one project through them so far, which is more than I expected since I was given a lead shortly after joining. A woman contacted me wanting a memorial pet portrait of a dog named Missie. Missie had died and the woman ordering the drawing was having it made for a friend of hers who the dog belonged to. I posted a few updates of the drawing on my facebook page as I was working on it. Friend me on facebook and be in touch when I have updates on new art projects and blog posts!


Ryan Noel wearing P.A.N.T.S. t-shirt printed with pants logo designed by Sara Kerr.P.A.N.T.S. is an acronym for People Acting Not Too Seriously. P.A.N.T.S. is the improv comedy group of Portland Community College and Ryan, is a member of the group. “What does this have to do with anything,” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! I have been practicing my stage photography at their performances and recording clips occasionally so that the members can watch it to improve themselves as well as for them to post on their facebook page to attract potential patrons. In addition to the photography I do for the group I also created a logo for them which they use on their handbills and had printed on t-shirts.

Art For Sale!

Pastel drawing of a man playing the piano by Sara Kerr.It’s a little disappointing to have art sitting around, not being seen by people. Ideally, I would like to have my art in galleries, but personally I don’t feel that I have many pieces worth displaying to the general public. However, there are some pieces that I’m especially proud of.

It wasn’t until the end of my senior year and about a year after graduation that I started to create some really great works. I have to admit though, not having a ‘destination’ for a piece makes me rather unmotivated. What I mean is, when I was in high school I was creating not only for grades, but local competitions. Now it seems like I only get really involved in a piece if it’s FOR someone else or it’s a commission. I haven’t created something entirely for myself in a long time. I want to keep growing as an artist, but motivation is key.

Hand crafted clay whistle by Sara Kerr.One of those drawings I did [after high school] was a commissioned colored pencil drawing of four Harley Davidson Motorcycles which I have featured on my website. I have giclee prints of the motorcycle drawing available for purchase. [I had them up on ebay for a while, but you can contact me directly if you’re interested.]

In addition to the motorcycle prints, I also have several dozen hand crafted ceramic whistles looking for homes. I made them a few years ago and just haven’t done much with them. My intentions were to sell them at craft fairs, but I simply haven’t had the time. Each is different in size, pitch and glazing and you can contact me directly to purchase one.

So, that pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing the last few months. 🙂

Freelance Artist, Designer and Illustrator on

Custom colored pencil drawing by Sara Kerr of four Harley Davidson motorcycles with American flag background.As I stated in my last post, I’m focusing my creativity on Search Engine Optimization and putting my art on the back burner. I took another step today to hopefully siphon more traffic to my site. I received an email about a website called and it interested me enough to join. The site seems very useful and I think it will benefit me by broadening my network and sending more focused traffic and *fingers crossed* lead to more commissions.

You can check out my freelance artist, designer and illustrator page on and if you are a past client, please feel free to leave feedback by writing a review.

Freelance Artist, Designer & Illustrator

Art for Epica – SOLD

Several months ago I contacted a poster on Craigslist that was looking for pieces of art for the group, Epica. The band was looking for artists from the cities along their tour, to create a piece of art inspired by Epica’s music. I have been thinking about ways to get my art out there, and this was a good opportunity to do so. I hadn’t heard of the group before so I had to look them up and get a feel for their music. I had a lot of different ideas, but I ended up painting this:

Oil painting by Sara Kerr for Epica of a still life with a candle on a piano and violin in the background.

I struggled to get it dried on time and it was still a bit tacky when I brought it to the show. My mistake was choosing to use oils rather than acrylics. An oil painting should take 6-12 months to dry thoroughly and I had to complete it in less than a month. I don’t think I even started painting until maybe 2 weeks before the show date so I was asking for trouble. I blow dried the hell out of it, but that was barely making a dent. I researched online to see if anyone knew any techniques or sprays I could use to get the oil to dry faster. To make a long story short, I ended up baking it in the oven….probably not the best thing for the oven or the painting, but I got it dry enough so I could at least spray some varnish on it. Then I blow dried it some more and set it in front of a fan for a few hours, but like I said it was still a bit tacky.

I attended the Portland show and was able to get my painting signed by the band and had my picture taken with them.

Sara Kerr posing with the group Epica, holding the painting she did for the group's stop in Portland, Oregon.

The painting didn’t sell that night so, I had the option to either take it back or have it go on to the other shows on the tour. I decided to let it go on because I figured even if it doesn’t sell and I have to pay for it to get shipped back to me, there is the potential for some exposure.

To my surprise and satisfaction, it did sell. A guy in Ramona, California bought it (left) and here he’s posing with one of the group members, Mark Jansen (right).

The only part I’m not too happy about is the fact that I never really got a decent photo of it. I took some shots, but I couldn’t get the proper lighting and since the paint was still a bit glossy, I kept getting glares over large sections. On the plus side, I sold another piece of art and I’m getting my name out there, which is definitely a good thing.