The Meat of My Creativity

I haven’t had much art to post recently and I haven’t updated my work in progress in weeks simply because I haven’t made any progress yet. I’ve been more focused on establishing my online presence…or at least planning it. I’m working on revamping my website (now that I know what the hell I’m doing) to be more fine tuned, organized and optimized for search engines. I’m still months away from the launch, but the goal is to have a much more attractive, worth-while site.

The site is currently lacking a lot of content to say the least and I’d be more than grateful for feedback of it’s current state so I can take the flaws you see into consideration. I’m trying to get away from solely keeping it up as an online display of my portfolio and instead use it as a combination network, store, portfolio and information hub. It has been difficult planning a way to combine all these things into one logical site and make sure the information flows nicely so people are able to see the relevance in everything, but I’m up to the challenge!

I’m working in a different genre of creativity and it has taken me away from the real ‘meat’ of my creativity which is my art, but the way I figure it is, I need to be able to promote my art effectively and the best way to do that is to create an authoritative website. Being one of those people who hates to half-ass things, I’m putting all my attention into making this worth my while, then I can get back to ‘arting’.

What do you think is more important, creating art or building a website to help sell the art?

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