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Out of Retirement!

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller

With the launch of my improved art and design portfolio website coming up in a few months, I’ve been taking photos of various pieces of art I want to display. However, not all of it is on paper or canvas; I also do graphic design and t-shirt logos, but those are boring if I just post the graphic. I feel the visual appeal of a graphic design is much more eye-catching when you see it in it’s intended context and on the product it’s meant for. So, I decided to photograph some of the graphic t-shirts I designed as well as model the shirts myself since I have experience as an apparel model. The problem with this of course, is I then need someone else to do the photography.

“Slinky” by Josh Miller

No worries though, because I already had someone in mind. Josh Miller is a budding new photographer and the majority of his photography experience has been with landscapes and various scenery [see right example]. More recently though, he has expressed interest in portrait photography. We both saw this as a great opportunity for him to gain experience and for me to get back into practice with modeling [in addition to getting some great shots for my website].

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller
Josh didn’t have anywhere specific he wanted to do the shoot, and let me pick a location. I had a spot in mind I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot at ever since I moved to Portland…Waterfront Park. I was only looking for some interesting landscapes to use as backgrounds and I thought the bridges, boats and water would be suitable for a simple t-shirt.

This photo shoot made me realize exactly how long it’s been since I last modeled [more than a year…hence the title]. Firstly, I was having a TERRIBLE hair day and had to go with a messy bun, but additionally I felt really awkward posing…

…it was like sitting down to a fancy dinner with 2 dozen utensils on either side of my plate and no idea of what to do first, resulting in me hovering my hands around awkwardly and indecisively about what to do while at the same time trying not look like I don’t know what I’m doing…

So, I’m a bit rusty, but overall the shoot went well. Josh was great, I enjoyed shooting with him and we got some excellent shots. More of them would have been usable if only my hair had behaved. Oh Well! More shoots with different t-shirts [and a better hairdo] to come!

T-shirt design by Sara Kerr, Modeled by Sara Kerr and Photo by Josh Miller