Visual Art + Music = :-)

Do you listen to music while you draw, paint, doodle, and sketch?

I do.

It may seem odd, but sound plays a huge part in art for me in the sense that I either need complete silence, chatter, or most often, music. The music I choose to listen to is both influenced by and influences the visual art I create. For example, while I was working on this drawing, I almost solely listened to Lynard Skynard, 70’s and 80’s rock, and metal.

Custom colored pencil drawing by Sara Kerr of four Harley Davidson motorcycles with American flag background.

Music sets the mood and inspires the feeling I’m trying to portray. [However, sometimes certain songs are distracting and it’s hard to concentrate on the work when I get too focused on singing along.] What music do you listen to? For you, does the drawing you’re working on dictate the music you play or is your ipod set on shuffle? Do you always listen to the same type of music for everything you work on or are you like me and setup a playlist with a specific style of music for a piece?

Here are a few more examples of my ‘music-influenced’ art:

  1. I listened to classical music during this one [because I was forced to, not because I chose to] and as you can see it’s somewhat bland and “dusty”. No offense to classical music lovers, it’s just that not all classical music has the same pizzazz that modern music does, therefore it doesn’t get my blood flowing or inspire me as well.

    Acrylic painting by Sara Kerr of a still life containing a candelabra, blue glass bottle, a ball, and a couple bowls, titled "Irony."

  2. You might remember seeing this painting from an earlier post about the band Epica. To summarize, they were looking for artists located in the cities along their tour route to create art inspired by their music. After listening to song after song, this is what I came up with.

    Oil painting by Sara Kerr for Epica of a still life with a candle on a piano and violin in the background.

  3. Many of my blog followers will recognize this piece without a doubt. 😉 For those of you who haven’t seen this before, may I introduce you to an abstract piece [of crap], I call “The Turd.” I’m not 100% sure I should admit this, but Lady Gaga and the Isley Brothers helped me finish this one.

  4. This piece was 100% influenced by one song that whenever I listened to it, I had this image in my head – A man performing on stage, completely engrossed in the music, unaware of who is watching him, not caring about them, only the sound he’s making. A high school classmate saw it and said the guy looked like he was having an. . . orgasm. I was slightly offended and embarrassed at first thinking that I drew something like that unintentionally, but I thought about it for a while and in a way he was correct. The portion of the song that had the biggest impact on the scene was the climax in the song. So, in a way the performer is having an orgasm from playing a song that makes him feel this amazing!

    Pastel drawing by Sara Kerr of a man playing piano.

Are there any other environmental factors affect your work?

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