Picture Framing

Typically, I make picture frames out of either oak or poplar in a wide range of sizes and stain colors. The images of frames below are only a small sampling of what I've done in the past so, if you don't see a specific frame you need, that doesn't mean I can't do it... Just ask!

Custom designed poplar frame by Sara KerrPoplar Frame with bolts . . .

I designed this custom frame using poplar, bolts and coated with Flaming Mahogany stain.

Many stain colors are available and I'll make recommendations based on the drawing's composition. The subject of this drawing is a blue Chevy Cobalt so, I wanted a stain with a slightly orange hue to make the car stand out more.



Custom made oak frame by Sara Kerr

Custom oak frame with edge detail . . .

This oak frame is 46" wide and 20" tall, detailed with a simple edging, and stained in a dark walnut.

For this particular drawing I wanted a frame that wouldn't draw too much attention away from the drawing. The drawing is very detailed and a simple dark frame seemed like the most ideal choice.



Custom Frame for drawing of Harley Davidson Motorcycles by Sara Kerr

Stylized Harley shield frame . . .

This is a one of a kind frame made of oak, cut in an elongated, stylized version of the Harley shield, and stained in two tones.

This particular frame was made specifically for this drawing and I had the idea in my head from the beginning of the drawing that I was going to somehow incorporate the harley theme into the frame. The drawing itself is very busy so, I didn't want the frame to have too much detail in it.



Mat board colorsCustom Matting

Mats can be cut in any size up to 30" X 40" with a bevel cut. For right now, I'm limiting my mat selection to black, white, ivy, cream, pink, burgundy, or brown. Custom colors can be ordered, though it will take a little longer since I don't have them in stock. If you're interested, just ask. I'm constantly working to improve my matting skills and provide more matting cut options so, don't be afraid to make requests even if they're not shown here.

Inquiries: contact.