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“Welcome to my little corner of the internet!”

Photograph of Sara Kerr.

Sara is an Artist and Registered Dietitian. She was born and raised in upstate New York, and has been living and working in Oregon, USA since 2010. She started her career in the arts in 2007, when she began a journey of artistic exploration that introduced her to an array of creative outlets. Most notably, while working at the Broad Street Studio in Utica, New York, Sara learned the art of embroidery digitizing and had the opportunity to design and embroider the rendition of Gram Parsons’ Nudie suit used in the theatrical play, Grievous Angel, the Legend of Gram Parsons.

It was also at the Broad Street Studio that Sara learned digital photography, clothing manufacturing from design to finished product, modeling, web building, and business management.

Her eclectic portfolio includes traditional oil and acrylic paintings, digital art, as well as experimental works using materials such as gluten (yes, that ‘stuff’ in wheat), paint-filled water balloons, and wood. She continues to tinker and experiment in her studio with different tools and techniques and most recently started studying stop-motion animation.

In 2014, Sara began a new knowledge-journey into the field of dietetics and began studying nutrition at Oregon State University. In the Summer of 2020, she earned her credential and acquired licensing as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her education in nutrition sparked a fascination with human anatomy, physiology, nutrient metabolism, and biochemistry. As a result, Sara’s body of work has become focused around nutrition science and experimenting with different ways to portray health and nutrition concepts.

In addition, Sara has developed an interest in creating video content and has been posting various projects to her YouTube channel here: TheKerrminator

For inquiries about art commissions, design, video, or nutrition services, please contact Sara via her contact page.


  1. Brian Graves Brian Graves

    Hi Sara. My name is Brian Graves. I am an indy filmmaker and professor at Florida State. I need a GP Nudie Suit for a film production. Do you have one that you can rent to me? If so, what is the rate? Or, do you have one that you might be able to sell? If not, do you know where I might be able to acquire such an item? Many thanks! BG

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