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A Work in Progress

I have wanted to create a huge drawing based off this photograph since I was in high school and I’ve finally started working on it! To give you a bit of perspective, the photo is 4″ by 6″ and the drawing is going to be 23″ by 35″. Here is the progression. . . START! 7/14/10 I have been enjoying working on dark backgrounds with various drawings and paintings so,…

Site Update & Scholarship Opportunity

I’ve been working on updating my site for the past several weeks since it’s in dire need of some content other than photos. I’ve also stumbled across a site using one of my images who shouldn’t be, seeing as I didn’t give them permission to do so. Oddly enough they don’t seem to care that the image has a huge watermark across it that says “THE KERRMINATOR.” Anyway, I’ll likely…

Welcome To The Kerrminator’s New Blog!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my new blog 🙂 I expect things will be a bit slow going at first until I find my way around these parts, but bear with me. Feel free to leave a comment about any of my artwork, ask questions or critique me. I appreciate all your input and feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Thanks! -Sara “The Kerrminator“ Kerr