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Podcast Management

Professional Editing   |   Consistent Uploads   |   Expand Your Reach

Outsource your podcast editing. Focus on creating awesome content. Watch your podcast grow.

What's Included In Podcast Management?

Packages are fully customizable to your content needs and upload frequency

Package Features and Options:

  • Edit episode (including 2 rounds of revisions)

  • Upload episode to your podcast platform

  • Thumbnail creation

  • Write episode description

  • Turn your episode into a blog post (up to 1200 words)

  • 3 Social Media post options to promote the episode:

    • Vertical Video (up to 60 sec) w/caption

    • Static graphic w/caption

    • Carousel w/caption

Packages Start At $250 Per Month

Customizable packages and payment plans are available.

Book a free call to request an estimate.

Video Podcast Editing Sample

Project: aRDists Podcast

Raw Footage (Before Editing)

​Raw Footage Notes:

  • Dim lighting

  • Imbalanced lighting

  • Cool, dull coloring

  • Low audio volume

Finished Episode (After Editing)

Finished Episode:​

  • Brighter lighting

  • Vignette

  • Warm, brighter coloring

  • Improved audio volume


Do you only do video podcasts?

Nope! I can edit your podcast whether it's audio only or video-based. It's a great idea to take advantage of both options so you can reach a wider audience.

How much do you charge?

It really depends on several factors such as your posting frequency, editing features, turnaround time, add-ons like blog posts and social media, etc. Podcast editing packages start at $250 and are fully customizable to your needs. I also offer payment plan options as well.

Do you only work with dietitians?

Nope! I've handled editing projects for with real-estate agents, travel agents, actors, actresses, comedians, and large institutions.

​What is the process for getting a quote?

The best place to start is by booking a free discovery call so we can chat about the details of your project and whether we'd be a good fit to work together. You can also email me a project brief telling me about your needs and I'd be happy to provide an estimate.

Full Service Podcast Editing

Full Service editing packages will include the features listed below. The full service packages are ideal for you if you're ready to remove the majority of editing off your plate. You will need to review and approve or send back revision requests before your episode can be uploaded.

  • Audio Syncing

  • Professional Editing

  • Audio Adjustments

  • Color Adjustments

  • Up to 2 File Formats

  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

If creating a video podcast, I will sync up your footage and audio from external microphones if needed.

I will sequence your clips, remove bad takes, dead air, coughs, and filler words. Using my experience and discretion I will polish it up to a professional level.

I will perform audio adjustments to reduce noise and level out volume so speakers are similar - if adjustments can’t be made I will let you know.

For video podcasts, I will perform minor color adjustments and brightness to improve clips where needed.

Files can be delivered as .mp3, .mp4 or .mov and I will provide up to 2 formats e.g. 16X9 for YouTube and 9X16 for TikTok/Reels.

Up to 2 rounds of revisions are included so we can make sure we get it polished.

Why Outsource?

  • Grow your audience

  • Maintain a consistent upload schedule

  • Free up time for more important business activities

  • Get professional-level editing

How It Works

  1. We clarify episode needs

  2. ​You upload recordings, assets, and any editing notes about the episode

  3. I edit and send you Draft 1

  4. You approve or request revisions

  5. Finalize and Upload

Packages Start At $250 Per Month

Customizable packages and payment plans are available.

Book a free call to request an estimate.

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