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ChatGPT For Business: ChatGPT Ideas For Dietitians

Everyone has been buzzing about AI (artificial intelligence) programs and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about them.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts and experience using ChatGPT for business. So, if you’re a skeptic and are wondering how this tool might be helpful to you, keep reading and you might just walk away with some ChatGPT uses for your business.

By the way, it's not lost on me that as "The Kerrminator", I am encouraging the use of AI... I swear I'm not a robot sent from the future to promote this. 😬

ChatGPT is like having another person in the room to help brainstorm.

What is ChatGPT? What does ChatGPT stand for?

Laptop open on desk with futuristic AI purple lighting.

In the most simple way I can think to explain it, ChatGPT is a tool where you type questions or prompts into the program’s chat field and responses are generated by the tool based on the AI's knowledge-base.

As for what ChatGPT stands for, GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and Chat refers to the interactive “chat-style” of interacting with the program.

To expand on that a little more, the program generates text-based responses that are logical and relevant to the prompt you, the user, enters.

ChatGPT is “pre-trained” meaning it was originally trained using a large dataset though it is capable of learning more.

The program understands how to string together complex sentences and responses without losing clarity, thus maintaining a comprehensive, logical, and relevant response.

ChatGPT Ideas

Now that we have some understanding of ChatGPT, let’s look at some ideas for using ChatGPT in your business.

ChatGPT Copywriting

Person working from home on laptop, writing ChatGPT copywriting prompts

ChatGPT can be helpful with copyrighting regardless of your business type.

If you’re a business owner, you probably have a website. ChatGPT can be used for generating product descriptions, advertisements, webpage content, headlines, crafting value propositions, drafting newsletters, and tons more.

Pretty much anything text based on your website, ChatGPT can be utilized to help you get a first draft created, that you can then refine and add in your own uniqueness, or brainstorm ideas, etc.

Some quick, simple ChatGPT copywriting prompts might look like:

  • “Generate a compelling value proposition for this product: ____”

  • “Draft a product description for ____. The target audience is ___. The tone should be _____….etc.”

  • “Write the webpage copy for my sales page where my offers include ____. Include a CTA to my booking calender.”

  • “Generate a list of 10 newsletter ideas for a business about ____.”

ChatGPT cannot replace the tone and style of your personal brand, but it can help save time with copywriting in your business.

Chat GPT Course

Person sitting on couch taking notes while watching an online course created using AI.

ChatGPT can be helpful in creating a new course as well. Writing a course can be a huge undertaking so anywhere you can accelerate the process, the better.

Why stare at a blank page, when you can type in a prompt and quickly generate a curriculum outline, list of topic ideas, quiz questions, generate potential FAQs, or create a first draft of a lesson script.

Some quick, simple ChatGPT prompts for a course might look like:

  • “Write a list of 10 module ideas for a course about ____”

  • “Write a first draft of a 3000 word script for a course about ____. The target audience is ___. The tone should be _____….etc.”

  • “Write 10 quiz questions for a course about ____. The objectives for the students are to achieve ____, ____, and ____.”

When using ChatGPT for a course it should never replace your personal expertise, knowledge, and experiences. Use the responses as a starting point, but make them your own.

Chat GPT Marketing

Business owner holding laptop considering using AI for marketing.

Need help generating some marketing materials for that course you created? What about help with writing that newsletter you need to send out?

Chat GPT can be a great starting point for writing your marketing copy. For example, you could use it for:

  • Social media posts and captions

  • Emails and customer journeys

  • Newsletters

  • Brainstorming campaign ideas

  • Writing landing page copy

  • Marketing video scripts

  • Lots more!

Sometimes we can come across too “salesy” or don’t know how else to word something effectively, or aren’t sure how to convey the value of our offer. ChatGPT can help generate ideas to get you unstuck from your creative blocks.

Some quick, simple Chat GPT marketing prompts might look like:

  • “Write an instagram caption about ____.”

  • “Write a first draft of a 200 word newsletter about ____. The target audience is ___. The tone should be _____. The call to action is ____ ….etc.”

  • “Generate a list of 30 social media post ideas for a business that sells ____.”

Chat GPT Blog

Person writing AI prompts for blogging while working in coffee shop.

Whether you’re starting a new blog or you are a seasoned blogger, using ChatGPT to help with your blog can be a huge time saver.

Clearly I’m going to continue to repeat myself throughout this article, but the biggest thing for me is saving time with the brainstorming and iteration process.

Again, why stare at a blank page, when you can type in a prompt and quickly generate an outline, list of ideas, or first draft.

Some quick, simple Chat GPT prompts for blogging might look like:

  • “Write a list of 10 topic ideas for a blog article about ____ where the target audience is ___ and the goal is ___.”

  • “Write a first draft of a 1200 word blog post about ____. The target audience is ___. The tone should be _____….etc.”

  • Write a 200 word bullet point outline for a blog article about ____. The target audience is ___. The tone should be _____….etc.”

That’s how I use ChatGPT for blogging. It’s more of an aid to the creative process and doesn’t replace my personal views, voice, opinions, tone, nor my experiences.

Chat GPT Podcast

Podcaster recording podcast episode written using AI.

ChatGPT can be helpful for podcasters too!

Much like blogging, you can use ChatGPT to generate a list of podcast topics, outline your episode, draft your script, generate interview questions, write your titles, write social media captions to promote the podcast episode, and so much more.

Here are some quick, simple ChatGPT prompts for a podcast:

  • “Write a list of 10 podcast topic ideas for a podcast about ____.”

  • “Generate a list of 20 interview questions for a ____ on a podcast about ___ hosted by a ____ and interviewing a ___.”

  • “Write a 500 word outline for a podcast episode about ____ with 3 main segments.”

There are so many opportunities to cut down on staring at your computer, trying to come up with ideas or fumbling through a first draft. Sometimes ideas flow out of us, but sometimes we just draw a blank and ChatGPT can be a wonderful asset for podcasters.

ChatGPT For Business

Business owner sitting in home office on laptop considering how to use chat gpt for business.

I would NEVER rely on nor would I recommend exclusively relying on AI tools without reviewing and editing what they generate. Again, your content is all about the YOU factor. AI is a tool, not a replacement for human knowledge, skills, and experience.

As you experiment with using ChatGPT you'll find that the more specific your write your prompt, the better the output will be. The prompt examples I provided are REALLY simplistic so I encourage you to try them out and add to them.

Like I mentioned earlier, ChatGPT is capable of stringing together complex sentences and responses so I encourage you to experiment with making your prompts very detailed.

I've tried it quite a few times and found it to be most useful for brainstorming and as an aid to the creative process. ChatGPT is like having another person in the room to help brainstorm.

I wouldn't feel comfortable using it for much more than drafts and ideation work and can't see myself using anything it pumps out without thorough editing. It just wouldn't feel genuine to me.

I’m still new to using ChatGPT and other AI programs, so if you’re interested in hearing more about my experience as I continue to explore, let me know and I will plan a follow-up. Plus who knows where AI will be in 6 months or a year. Crazy times we're living in! :)

Keep creating!



About the Author

Sara Kerr, RDN, LD

Sara is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, artist, writer, and video editor. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University. In 2021 she founded The Kerrminator LLC, which specializes in creative services for Dietitians including video editing, graphic design, and content creation.


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