The Continuing Education Planner Flip-Through

I designed a planner to help with organizing and planning my continuing education. As dietitians in the US, we have to complete and submit 75 continuing education credits every 5-year cycle.

I don't want to be one of those people that leaves all my credits to the last minute! But I also don't want to simply check off boxes.

I love the fact that this profession allow us to customize our education to suit our specific professional interests and goals within the field of dietetics.

My intention and goal is to make continuing education a part of my normal schedule, to focus on continuing education that helps me develop into the dietitian I want to be. The planner is a tool that provides me a space to work on ME.

I've seen posts on Reddit and Facebook and heard stories about dietitians that have forgotten to do or waited until the last minute to submit their credits.

Being a new dietitian, I want to make sure I don't get myself in that situation of potentially losing my credential. I want to avoid the stress and stay organized!

As a way to stay on top of it all, I designed what I'm calling, "The Continuing Education Planner.”

In this article, I'm going to walk you through the planner and what I do to keep organized and if you're interested in purchasing a pdf of the planner, there will be a link below.

The Planner Pages

So, the planner consists of eight pages that I designed with kind of a minimalist style, simple color scheme, and with this aesthetic and practical dotted grid design.

The Cover

Going through all of the different pages, we have the cover, which you can use to mark down your cycle years and customize if you like. You can either leave it plain and just throw it in the sleeve of a binder or you can color it and make it your own.

Learning Activity Notes