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This book tracker contains 40 “books” you can write titles on and color in as you finish them. The “Shelves” have labels for you to categorize your books if you’d like - maybe by month or genre.


Perfect for the avid readers, bullet journal-ers, and those of you wishing for a fun way to keep track of your reading lists.


The Book Tracker features:

  • 4 illustrated shelves of 10 books each to track your reading activity and interests
  • Shelf labels to organize your reading lists
  • A minimalist design with simple graphics to color and make the page uniquely yours!




This item can also be purchased as part of The Continuing Education Planner bundle of documents. We made the CE Planner pages available to purchase individually to accommodate those who are not necessarily interested in the entire set, but would rather like to utilize just a few of the pages.


Please note that the cost for purchasing all the pages individually is more than purchasing the CE Planner bundle of documents. Additionally, individual page purchases do not receive automatic updated versions of those pages, only the current version at the time of purchase.





This is a digital product and is not refundable. Please contact us with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing!


Document colors and cropping may vary depending on devices, printer settings and variations in ink. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the quality of your documents.

The Book Tracker

$1.99 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
  • The document is for your use only. Do not send the original or any copies of the digital file (.pdf, .jpg, electronic, etc.) to others. As this is a pdf download you are free to print as many copies as you’d like as long as it’s for personal use only and not for resale or distribution. See full terms and conditions here.

    Please note that digital download purchases are non-refundable. See Refund/Return Policy here.

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