Illustrations for ReloAuthority 

ReloAuthority IconWebsite Illustrations

ReloAuthority originally contacted me needing nine illustrations to portray various packing and moving related items. Below are the original nine illustrations I created for their website as well as some others I developed as their needs grew. In addition to creating the grpahics for their website, I aslo developed social media banners, created gravatars, a favicon, blog illustrations, and advertisements to create a consistant visual theme and help develop their brand.

Blog Illustrations

Upon completion of the website graphics, they wanted illustrations depicting blog articles related to moving tips. Each week ReloAuthority would send me one-two articles to come up with a concept sketch to summarize the topic of each article. Below are the completed blog illustrations; you can view the articles by going to their website and clicking on "Moving Tips" at the top. (Illustrations completed January-May of 2013)

All illustrations on this page are the property of Relo Authority and I reserve the right to use them as samples of my work. Any unauthorized use of this content is forbidden without prior permission from ReloAuthority.