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The workbook is absolutely loaded with helpful tips and resources to help guide you in your video creation journey.

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Over 30 Pages of actionable content to get you started with creating video content!

Plan your content. Script your videos. Start filming. Edit like a pro!

Video Creator Workbook

In this comprehensive workbook, I’ve laid out a roadmap to guide you through the three crucial phases of video creation:


Dive into the essential groundwork before hitting the record button. Learn the ins and outs of researching, planning, scripting, and gathering the necessary equipment to set the stage for your video masterpiece.


Get hands-on with the creation process itself! Whether you’re filming, taking photos, recording voiceovers, or screen recording, this phase is all about bringing your ideas to life.


Discover the magic that happens in the final stage, where your video truly comes together. Learn how to take raw footage and assets from production and expertly edit them into a polished, completed video.

Is This Workbook Right for You? Absolutely!

Whether you’re a total newcomer to video creation or someone seeking a bit more structure in your creative process, this workbook is tailored just for you. It’s designed to demystify the video creation process, providing you with the tools and knowledge to bring your visions to life.




Establishing your “Why” behind creating videos

Clarify who your target audience is

Fill your idea pool

Advantages of scripting

Creating searchable content


Video platforms



Equipment check-list

Filming tips

Video and filming styles



Editing software

Editing basics & tips

Maximizing your content

Additional resources


This workbook is perfect for anyone wanting to get started creating video content for:

  • YouTube

  • Social Media

  • Online Courses

  • Webinars or Presentations

  • Podcasts

  • And more!

Take a look inside...


Ready to grow your business and online presence with video?

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Video Editing Accelerator

The Dietitian's Guide To Creating Videos

This course will....

  • Walk you through every step: planning, filming, importing, editing, exporting, and archiving your videos

  • Show you how to use 3 editing software options

  • Show you equipment I use and guide you toward what equipment may best suit your needs

  • Give you tips on how to be a good storyteller

  • Teach you how to manage your video files

  • Plus lots more! Check out the full curriculum here.

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