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Free Resources

Video Creation Workbook Cover.jpg

25 Pages of actionable and value-packed content to help you plan, script, and create videos! 

Demo Reel Freebie.jpg

This guide breaks down the components of an awesome demo reel and what you'll need to highlight your best self.

Video Editing Cost Guide-lg.jpg

This guide breaks down the cost of software and equipment compared to outsourcing and hiring a professional video editor.

Freebie Instagram Templates from The Kerrminator.png

I recently added 6 new designs so instead of 9, you get 15 FREE Canva Instagram post templates to help you get started with posting consistent content or to refresh your feed.

Starting Your YouTube Channel Checklist - sample image.jpg

This checklist will help you get focussed and prepared, and to start to work through the first few steps of setting up your channel.

CE Planner March 2022 Update-sq.jpg

This guide will walk you through the main components of the Continuing Education Planner and how to utilize them. To purchase the planner, simply visit the Shop tab.

– Narrow Your Niche

– Decide Content Type(s)

– Gather Equipment

– Setup Your Channel

- Start your idea list

– Get Started!

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