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Freelance Video Editor

Outsource your video editing. Focus on growing your business.

How can we work together?

Do you have on-going video editing needs for your business or just a one-off project? Choose your adventure below:

Weekly Retainer Model

This option is for you if:

  1. You have a variety of small, on-going video editing projects or tasks you need completed weekly

  2. You have a large project that you need extra help completing over a period of at least 4 weeks


  • Weekly YouTube videos

  • Weekly podcast episodes

  • Weekly Reels, Shorts or TikToks

  • A new online course with several video modules and lessons

  • Other - Contact me

Single Project Contract

This option is for you if:

  1. You have a single video editing project you need help completing, but not on-going needs.

  2. You have a series of small video editing projects you need help completing, but not on-going needs


  • Podcast episode or YouTube Video

  • Mini course or webinar

  • Video lead magnet

  • Demo Reel

  • Presentation

  • Social Media Video 

  • Other - Contact me

Video Podcast Editing Sample

Project: aRDists Podcast

Raw Footage (Before Editing)

​Raw Footage Notes:

  • Dim lighting

  • Imbalanced lighting

  • Cool, dull coloring

  • Low audio volume

Finished Episode (After Editing)

Finished Episode:​

  • Brighter lighting

  • Vignette

  • Warm, brighter coloring

  • Improved audio volume


How much of an investment can I expect?

It really depends on many factors such as editing features, turnaround time, number of revisions, size of the editing job, etc. I'll need to discuss the details of the project in order to give a proper estimate. I do offer payment plan options as well.

How does the retainer model work?

In a nutshell, we agree on a specified number of hours for the month, the retainer is paid upfront, and I work and log those hours. You will send me video editing projects each week and I send the edited video files back to you. At the end of the month any leftover hours will be paid back to you or rolled over to the next month. I will stop work and notify you if I am close to maxing out hours for the month so there are no surprises.

​What is the process for getting a quote?

The best place to start is by booking a free discovery call so we can chat about the details of your project and whether we'd be a good fit to work together. You can also email me a project brief telling me about your needs and I'd be happy to provide an estimate.

Do you only work with dietitians?

Nope! I've handled editing projects for with real-estate agents, travel agents, actors, actresses, comedians, and large institutions.

What do you use to edit?

I edit primarily in Final Cut Pro on an iMac.

What is your retainer rate?



My goals as your editor are to:

  • Create professional videos that you're proud to share

  • Take away the stress of DIY video editing

  • Save you time!

  • Help your business grow!


Demo Reel Client

Sara strives to provide the best-quality product you could ask for. Always attentive and quick to respond. I'd definitely recomend her services. She was easy to work with, helped create a reel I was happy with, and it felt like a collaboration. Best of all, her work on my reel helped connect me with my acting coach and land representation with an agency! Wins all around!

-Ryan N.

"FYI the reel landed me representation. Thank you so much!"


Video Editing Client

Video Editing Client

"...I love how my reel turned out and definitely will work with her in future projects!!!"


 Closed Captioning Client

"Sara worked with my non-profit group to provide closed captioning for videos on our YouTube channel. We were so pleased with the results of Sara's work!"

-Lauren C.

Free Resource

Grab a copy of my free Video Editing Cost Guide.

This guide will help you decide between continuing to DIY your video projects or investing in a professional editor.

Video Editing Cost Guide Free Resources Mockup.jpg

Video and Audio Editing Services

Below is a list of many of the editing services and effects I offer.

Whether your project is as small as just syncing up your audio with your video, or sometime more full-service that includes everything below, we can make it happen!

  • Sequencing of clips

  • Removal of 'deadspace'

  • Adding B-Roll

  • Addition of copyright free music

  • Fades/Transitions

  • Blurring (e.g. faces, personal info.)

  • Filters and minor color correction

  • Text, titles, and motion graphics

  • Chroma Keying (green screen)

  • Split screen / picture-in-picture

  • Closed captions (or open captions)

  • Censoring (e.g. curse words, names)

  • Audio leveling (Increase volume of quiet portions, reduce volume of loud portions)

  • Remove filler words or unwanted sounds

  • Voice changers (e.g. for privacy, comedy)

  • YouTube Channel or Podcast Management (uploading content, creating thumbnails, scheduling videos)

Let's get started.

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