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10 Creative Video Ideas for Dietitians

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

If you're looking for ideas to create interesting, unique videos on nutrition topics, then I've got you covered. Here are 10 creative video ideas for dietitians, perfect for YouTube videos, social media clips, or maybe even as parts of your online course.

1 - How To Meal Plan

Empty plates stacked | How to meal plan | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Meal planning can seem overwhelming, especially for new meal planners. Show your audience how to meal plan step-by-step with helpful tips and tricks.

Lean on your lived experience to connect with your audience. What meal planning tricks do you use in your daily life and why?

You don’t have to share every aspect of your life, but sharing some of the human side of you builds trust and nurtures connection with your audience.

Be a human - show that it’s not always perfect either! :)

2 - A Day in the Life of a Dietitian

Dietitian vlogging | A Day in The Life of a Dietitian | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Everyone is curious about what a day in the life of a dietitian looks like. Plus, since dietitians have such varied roles it's helpful to see what's out there. Give your audience an inside look at your daily routine.

Not everyone knows what a dietitian does and showing some of the behind the scenes aspects of your work can help break down barriers for clients and encourage them to take that next step in seeing a dietitian.

Build trust in yourself and the profession - big picture!

3 - Cooking Challenge

Person clapping floury hands together | Cooking Challenge | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Create a cooking challenge where viewers have to make two different dishes using the same ingredients. You can even ask them to post their creations and tag you in their posts.

Or challenge your cooking skills by writing down 5 protein sources on pieces of paper. Do the same for 5 veggies, 5 grains, some seasoning options and randomly pick each out of a bowl.

Then challenge yourself to cook with those ingredients and see what you come up with!

This is a great idea if you want to show new cooks how to troubleshoot a last minute meal with random ingredients without a recipe.

Or you might just show a very real possibility - that not every meal turns out perfect!

4 - Healthy Snack Ideas You Can Make In 5 Minutes or Less

Hourglass | 5 Minute Healthy Snack Ideas | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Everyone loves snacks, so share some of your favorite options that are healthy and quick.

If your audience has a specific preference or restriction, make snacks specific to them, such as gluten free, low sugar, low sodium, high fat, or vegan.

Many of our clients, much like ourselves, live busy lives and they need realistic snack ideas, especially if they don’t always feel up to eating full meals during the day.

Providing them some quick-to-prepare snack ideas can help them eat regularly and adequately throughout the day. Share some recipes that viewers can throw together in a couple minutes.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I flip back and forth between wanting savory and sweet snacks, so get creative and make it a series of videos!

5 - Grocery Shopping Tips & Tricks

Dietitian Shopping Grocery Aisle | Grocery Shopping Tips & Tricks | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Help your followers navigate the grocery store with ease by giving them tips on where to find healthy foods and how to save money while shopping.

There are millions of options and little time to truly ponder all of them. Think about what tips help you get from your car and back loaded with everything you need for the days ahead.

If your store doesn’t mind filming, take viewers along as you vlog your shopping trip and explain how you make decisions.

You could even make up a shopping list template as a free download.

6 - Nutrition On The Go

Snacks To Eat On Walk To Work | Nutrition on The Go | Video Ideas for Dietitians

People often think that being healthy means having no time for convenience foods or eating out - show them how they can still enjoy quick meals without sacrificing nutrition.

As nice as it would be to be able to just tell everyone we meet to simply slow down, cook at home, and eat your meals mindfully, it’s just not realistic.

The reality is many people are on the go constantly so give them what they want! Healthy, convenient foods that are edible on the go.

7 - Virtual Cook Alongs

Dietitian Live Cooking Demo | Virtual Cooking Show | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Invite viewers into your kitchen as you cook together! Cooking live sounds terrifying to some, but let me offer you this advice: don’t expect a perfect experience! Let go and have fun!

This is a great way to connect with people who are excited to learn from you so show off your cooking skills! You have a lot to offer!

8 - Roast/React

Woman Laughing at Video | Roasts and Reaction Videos | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Have you watched a medical drama and really had to suspend your disbelief to stay engaged because it was just so ridiculous?

Why not react to dietary or health claims made in movies or television?

It's not uncommon for entertainment media to make weird statements that somehow stick in the minds of the general public as fact for years and years.

Not all movies and television shows have big budgets for lots of consultants. Even if they do, sometimes they get a little creative with nutrition and health facts for the sake of the story line.

Next time you catch one, write it down so you can film a reaction to it later.

9 - Nutrition Myths Debunked

Hand Holding Two Green Juices | Debunking Nutrition Myths | Video Ideas for Dietitians

There are countless myths out there about nutrition - debunk them for your viewers so they know what's true and what's false when it comes to nutrition advice they hear online or from friends/family members.

You could also break this down into several videos on different myth topics such as “diet myths”, “myths about superfoods”, “myths about dietary fat”, “myths about eggs”, etc.

Let's work on snuffing out the stupid-shit floating around the interwebs.

10 - Q&A With A Dietitian

Dietitian Reading Online Comments | Dietitian Q and A Video | Video Ideas for Dietitians

Invite questions from your audience about anything related to dietetics or nutrition - answer as many as you can in one video or multiple videos over time.

You could make this a regular thing you do once a week, once a month or once a quarter - depending on how engaged your audience is.

Just getting started and don't have a ton of questions? Brainstorm some questions you've heard often from clients in the past or questions you wish more people asked.


Whether you're creating content for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platform, these 10 creative video ideas should help get your wheels turning on content topics for your next video!

If you want to build trust as a dietitian and show your community that dietitians are THE source of nutrition information, you’ve got to be the face of nutrition.

Have fun experimenting with these ideas and happy filming!

Let me know if you use any of these ideas in the comments below and check out some of these related articles.


About the Author

Sara Kerr, RDN, LD

Sara is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, artist, writer, and video editor. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University. In 2021 she founded The Kerrminator LLC, which specializes in creative services for Dietitians including video editing, graphic design, and content creation.


Are you interested in starting a side hustle and want to learn more about the potential of video for your business?

You should check out my ebook, Embracing Video to Communicate Nutrition. It offers guidance for exploring your options and steps to get the ball rolling on your new venture.


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