How To Make Money Off Videos

Updated: Apr 22

Have you been considering how you might make money off creating videos? As a dietitian, adding video creation to your set of skills can be a valuable side hustle or full-time career.

If you’re interested in learning how your nutrition business can add income streams from video, read on! Plus there's a link to sign up for my video courses waitlist at the end.

Here are 7 income streams video creation can enable you to generate:

1 Making Money Off Video with Google Adsense…

By growing a Youtube channel and reaching the level for monetization you can earn money through Google Adsense or other ad programs when users view ads played on your videos.

Have a podcast? Why not put it on YouTube? It’s just one more way people can find your content and learn about you.

Don’t want to have to film it? Don’t! Create a graphic using Canva with your headshot (and your co-host or guest) and have that be the visual. You can add more elements to the video if you like or turn your podcast notes into a slide show.

2 Making Money Off Video With Sponsorships, Endorsements, Brand Ambassador…

As you grow your brand, your business, and your following on social media, Youtube, etc this network can be leveraged when you pitch to companies.

Pitch to companies that align with your mission and values and get paid to create videos about them or mention the brand/product/service in your video.