5 Ways Dietitians Can Make Money Being Creative

Updated: Jan 7

Are you a Dietitian or #RD2be with a creative side? Why not have a creative side hustle as an RD? Maybe you’re a painter or a potter, or you’re into digital illustration, or you just have a really good eye for design.

How would you like to start making money using those talents, and in many cases bringing in your expertise as a nutrition professional as well?

Here are five creative side hustles for dietitians that let you bring in some cash as an artist and dietitian.

RD2RD Vendor

Handout design, sketching document layout, document design, pen laying on open notebook with layout drawn.

Did you work hard to create and design a really bomb-af handout to give to your clients? Chances are someone else out there could use and would pay you for that very same handout. Why not post it to RD2RD.com where other Dietitians can purchase it? It’s a great way to make some passive income for yourself!

RD2RD is a website where you can buy and sell digital goods made by nutrition experts, for nutrition experts. You can also sell courses and webinars, graphics, posters, templates, spreadsheets, presentations, e-books…the list goes on!

Canva Contributor

Graphic design, digital illustration, graphic artist, stylus and tablet on lap while illustrating

If you sign up to become a Canva Contributor, you could start earning money from your work. You can upload photos, graphics, illustrations, stickers, and videos to Canva and earn money every time someone uses them. Another great way for creative dietitians to earn some passive income.


Laptop sits open on desk, desk lamp on with lush fluffy green plant, at home office, freelancer

You could use sites like Upwork, Fivver, or Thumbtack, just to name a few, and get hired by people for short and long-term projects.

Your education has set you up to be an amazing nutrition writer, you could design menus, e-books or handouts for companies, you could design presentations, or even produce recipe videos.

There are so many opportunities for you to leverage your credential as an RD and incorporate your creativity to develop really amazing products for people.