Shooting a Food Video

Video Editing Accelerator

The Dietitian's Guide To Creating Videos


Grow your business and your online presence with video

This course will....

  • Walk you through every step: planning, filming, importing, editing, exporting, and archiving your videos

  • Show you how to use 3 editing software options

  • Show you equipment I use and guide you toward what equipment may best suit your needs

  • Give you tips on how to be a good storyteller

  • Teach you how to manage your video files

  • Plus lots more! Check out the full curriculum below.

"What Videos Will I Learn How to Make?"


This first project is a simple video explaining your services to your ideal client. I walk you through how I planned, filmed, and edited mine for use on my website.

This is a great first impression for clients visiting your site wanting to get to know you.


For this project you will research an idea of your own that you want to share with your audience such as a demonstration. In my example, I walk you through how I edited the equipment video in module 4 of this course.

With this project you will learn the value of B-roll and camera angles.


The final project shows you how to create a slide-show style video presentation with a little more flair. In my example, I walk you through how I created one of the course lessons.

Online courses are a growing part of online business and a great way to scale your business.

"What if I'm a Newbie?"

No problem! This course is designed for beginners!

The modules and lessons walk you through editing step-by-step and there are resources along the way to help you succeed.

You'll also have access to a Facebook group of peers who can help you and I'll be popping in regularly to help out with course questions and provide feedback.

Post Production in Process

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Course Content

Module 1 - Course Introduction and Background

1.1 Introduction and Course Roadmap
1.2 Editing Software Options
1.3 About the Video Planning Workbook
1.4 Important Terminology
1.5 Why Video Is Important For Dietitians
1.6 What Opportunities There Are For Video


Module 2 - Laying the Foundation

2.1 Establishing Your Why
2.2 Finding Your Niche/Focus
2.3 Video Platforms and Video Format
2.4 Mindset and confidence
2.5 Being a good storyteller

Module 3 - Project 1: Pre-Production | Script Your First Video

3.1 What is pre-production?
3.2 Scripting
3.3 Non-Scripted Content

Module 4 - Project 1: Production | Film Your First Video

4.1 Equipment Overview (BTS of my filming)
4.2 Filming Setup In Your House
4.3 Screen Recording

Module 5 - Project 1: Post-Production | Editing in iMovie

5.1 Opening iMovie for the first time - Intro to the iMovie Window
5.2 File Organization
5.3 Setting Up A Project
5.4 Importing footage and assets
5.5 Start Editing Your Video Sequence
5.6 Visual Effects
5.7 Audio Effects
5.8 Accessibility: Text and Captions
5.9 Exporting

Module 6 - Project 2: Editing in Final Cut Pro

6.1 Research and Brainstorming
6.2 Script and Film
6.3 Opening FCP for the first time - Intro to the FCP Window
6.4 File Organization
6.3 Setting Up A Project
6.4 Importing footage and assets
6.5 Start Editing Your Video Sequence
6.6 Visual Effects
6.7 Audio Effects
6.8 Titles and Text
6.9 Accessibility: Open and Closed Captions
6.10 Advanced Effects
6.11 Exporting

Module 7 - Data Storage and Management

7.1 Storage Options
7.2 Managing Project Files

Module 8 - Project 3: Editing in Canva

8.1 Intro to Canva Editor
8.2 File Organization
8.3 Setting Up A Project
8.4 Importing footage and assets
8.5 Start Editing Your Video Sequence
8.6 Visual Effects
8.7 Audio Effects
8.8 Titles and Text
8.9 Accessibility: Open and Closed Captions
8.10 Exporting
8.11 Canva Tips

Module 9 - Celebrate!

9.1 You made your first videos! Congrats!
9.2 Resources

Module 10 - BONUS: Project 4 - Social Media 

10.1 Derivative content
10.2 Let’s Create 5 pieces of content


Free With Every Enrollment:

  • 24/7 Access To Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Video Planning Workbook (10+ pages of actionable content)

  • Equipment and Software Guides

  • Canva Templates

  • Email support

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What software do I need for this course?

This course utilizes iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Canva. You will have the easiest time moving through the content if you use these editing softwares. I chose these because they are what I’m most familiar with and iMovies is a great free option to get started with and Final Cut Pro is a great paid option to transition to if you want to continue growing your editing skills. Canva is a popular online program many dietitians are already using, so it’s a great resource to take advantage of for creating video content.

What equipment do I need for this course?

At minimum you will need a camera and a computer with editing software. I use a smartphone to film, an iMac to edit on, and see previous question about software.

Will this course teach me how to edit YouTube videos?

Yes! This is a perfect course to get started with learning to edit videos, including videos you plan to upload to YouTube.

Will this course teach me how to edit cooking demos?

Yes! The skills you will learn in this course will enable you to edit many different kinds of videos, including cooking demos.

Will this course teach me how to edit videos for online courses?

Yes! The skills you will learn in this course will enable you to edit many different kinds of videos, including video content for online courses.

How long should it take me to complete this course?

It really depends. It’s a self-paced course and I set it up so that each module should take you about 1 week if you spend about 1-3 hours each week working through the content. Some modules have more "homework" than others so some may take more.

How long do I have access to the content?

All enrollments, other than student discounted enrollment, have access for the lifetime of the course. Student discounted enrollment comes with one year of access.

Does this course include 1:1 coaching?

No. However, you will be granted access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about the course content or email me if you have any questions that you’re not comfortable sharing in the group.

Do you offer refunds or a money-back guarantee?

If you sign up and start to move through the content, but find you’re not thrilled with the course, I offer a 7-day refund policy.

In order to qualify for a refund you must contact me at within 7 days of purchase AND have consumed less than 15% of the course content.

I do this to maintain the integrity of the course since you gain full access to all the content at time of purchase.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes. Contact me directly at for information about student my discount. “Student” applies to undergraduates, graduate students, and dietetic interns.

Do you offer BIPOC discounts?

Yes. Contact me directly at for information about my BIPOC discount.

I struggle with tech, is this easy to follow?

Each editing module takes you through step-by-step how to create your video, add text, insert audio, and add various effects. If you’re worried about ease of use, I suggest jumping directly to Module 5, which starts the edit for Project 1 in iMovie. If you find this module is too complicated and want a refund on the course, please reach out to me per my refund policy mentioned above.

Will this course teach me editing in Tiktok and Instagram?

No. This course will not be teaching editing directly in the TikTok or Instagram apps.

What if I use a PC and NOT a Mac?

I suggest purchasing this course if you use a Mac. You would likely be able to glean a lot of information from the course, but it may be more frustrating to follow along with the projects using PC software.

Will this course teach me how to use a DSLR camera, filming equipment, etc?

No. I do show you my equipment, but this course does not go into detail on how to use the equipment.

Who Are These Courses For?

You want to learn how to edit videos and earn passive income, but lack confidence to get started.

You want to learn how to use editing software (iMovie and Final Cut Pro) to create videos to communicate with your audience on platforms like YouTube, but feel overwhelmed by the learning curve.

You want to feel confident in your skills to create engaging, informative video content that speaks to your target audience.

Who Are These Courses NOT For?

These courses are not for you if you're looking for a get-rich quick, short-cut to success and fame.

These courses are not for you if you want to create Hollywood-level productions - this is an introductory/beginners course to video editing.

These courses are a guide to help you get from Point A to Point B and are not for you if you aren't ready to put in the work.