3 BIG Lessons I Learned in 2021

Updated: Jan 7

It’s hard to believe we’re wrapping up yet another year!

I want to take some time this month to reflect and share a few lessons I’ve learned this first official year operating as a business owner of The Kerrminator LLC.

The hope is that you’ll find something to relate to or maybe just take away one little nugget of useful info.

Here are 3 lessons I learned this year:

Dietitian sitting on a beach journaling and reflecting.

  1. Prioritize mental health because it’s not going to fix itself and I’m not going to “grow out of it”. Get help and advocate for myself.

  2. It’s actually good to fall short on goals. If I’m hitting all my goals, I’m not setting the bar high enough for myself. (Once again, my business coach coming in with some SOLID advice. Thanks, Krista!)

  3. Say YES to more opportunities. As an introvert, it’s easy to let the entrepreneur lifestyle be a solopreneur lifestyle and allow myself to turn into a “lonelypreneur.” It doesn’t have to be that way and collaboration is incredibly fulfilling.

1. Prioritize mental health

Drawing of a human brain.

This is one big, heavy, monster of a subject and I want to hit it first, because if you read nothing else, I want you to read this.

We all struggle with something.

Personally, I struggle with a lot of things, but a big one is social anxiety.

My anxiety manifests in the form of awkward conversation, fast-talking to answer a question quickly and get the attention off of me, physically shrinking down, choosing isolation, sweating, tension in my muscles, upset guts (FUN!), insomnia, heart palpitations, rapid heart rate, panic, shakiness, headaches, almost fainting in some instances, running through worst-case scenarios in my head, re-living cringey interactions over and over, going mentally blank in a conversation… you get the idea.

Imagine the “You’re doing amazing sweetie!” meme here.

(I cope with humor if that’s not obvious)