Studio Tour 2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I really enjoy seeing the spaces people create for themselves to work in, especially when they share little quirks and modifications they’ve made for their unique needs because then I can get ideas on what to do with my space.

Before I go any further I just want to say there’a a lot I want to do with this space, but haven’t yet. It’s very much a work in progress and is evolving with my needs, interests, and projects. My goal for this year is to increase the amount of workspace and improve functionality because right now it’s kind of bursting at the seams with stuff.

Alright, let’s get into it!

Welcome to my studio space!

I’ve made a few changes over the past couple years to make it more comfortable and enjoyable to work in. I added a few lights, a space heater, and some leftover laminate flooring because, if it wasn’t obvious, my studio is in our garage, which makes for a very dim and dungeon-y experience.

This is my work table. Right now it’s a bit cluttered, but honestly, it’s looked worse. It seemed disingenuous to tidy it up, so you’re seeing it in its natural state of chaos.

These shelves above the work table are where I keep most of my supplies. I have so many random things up here, but the stuff I use most often is on the lower shelf and each subsequent shelf is full of stuff I use less and less frequently.

There’s still-life supplies like bones, eggs, and pieces of metal, and then there’s an assortment of paints, pencils, erasers, and paint brushes. I’ve also got scraps of canvas, stretched canvases, gesso, and plaster gauze.

To the right of my table is this yellow scaffolding. I painted a mural once and needed the scaffolding in order to do it. Now it just functions as storage shelves. I have a mat cutter, a roll of canvas, some old paintings, a table easel, sketch pads, gessoed canvases, a couple disc brakes, some iron shoes, wire, etc.

In summary, too much stuff…