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Kerr, Sara - Study of B12.jpg

2023 - 2024
Custom Artwork Commission Slots Now Open

Commissioned Artwork and Illustrations

Start Here:

Use this to reserve your slot:

Thank you for your interest and support of my work. I specialize in realism, smooth blending, and high level of detail, so if these are styles you're looking for, you're in the right place!

I'm currently booking commissions for 2022 through 2023 and will have a limited number of slots available throughout the year.

Commissioned pieces require a great deal of my care and attention from planning and creation to shipping and delivery. In order for me to give each project the attention it deserves, slots are limited.


I recommend filling out the commission request form below or booking a free discovery call to discuss your project together 1-on-1 virtually.

Purchase Original Artwork


Original artwork can be purchased from my shop. Check out what's available here:

Vitamin C Spark in Green

colored pencil

6 x 8.5 in.



Their Childhood Home

colored pencil

5 x 7 in.



Nephron Study

colored pencil

14 x 19 in.



Dave's Beasts, detail

colored pencil

11 x 34 in.


Kerr, Sara - Study of B12.jpg

Study of B12


8 x 11 in.


Commission Request Form

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. If anything is uncertain at this time, just put "unsure".

Thanks! I’ll be in touch soon.

Commission Request Form


How Much Does a Commissioned Piece of Art Cost?

It really depends on the project. Factors that may affect the cost of your piece include, but are not limited to size, level of detail, intended use (personal versus commercial use), if research is involved, if travel is involved (such as with murals), late revisions or changes, and timeline.


The expected investment for a commissioned piece will start at $300 and can range from  $1,000 - $5,000+ for more complex pieces.

Why purchase a commissioned piece of art?

Commissioning a custom piece of art means you’re investing in something that has so much more meaning to you than store-bought or pre-made artwork. Ordering custom artwork that is unique to you offers so much more emotional meaning and you’ll treasure for years to come.

I have a vision in mind, but I don't see anything similar in your portfolio. Can you still make it?

It really depends. My style is mostly realism, fine detail, and smooth blending. If that's the style you're looking for, great! The subject matter is less important because it's unlikely that I will have illustrated exactly what you need. If you're unsure, you can always reach out with a quick email saying,


"Hey Sara, I'm interested in a commission, but I'm unsure if this is something you do. Please see attached examples of what I'm envisioning."

I recommend searching for images similar to the style you're picturing and sending them to me in an email or share a Pinterest board with your ideas. If you can't find any images, you can always try describing it in detail.

What is the process like? What can I expect?

I'll walk you through the whole process from our first contact to final delivery:

Pyridoxine-Vitamin_B6 - ball and stick 01 Artboard 1.png


Book a 100% FREE, no pressure discovery call so we can discuss your needs and discover whether I'd be a good fit for your project.

Alternatively, you can use the commission request form above or send me an email.


After we get off the call, I will put together a project estimate and general framework. You will also be provided a link to reserve your commission slot, should you choose to move forward.

You will be charged $100 to reserve your slot. The reservation fee is separate from the deposit, but will be applied to your artwork total. (See explanation below).

This reservation fee is refundable if canceled earlier than 2 weeks before your slot start date.

Riboflavin - vitamin B2 - ball and stick 01 Artboard 1.png

After reserving your slot, we'll establish a project framework and setup a contract, deposit, and milestones.


Thiamin-B1- basic line copy 01 Artboard 1.png


Updates will be provided during the creation of the piece to keep you updated on progress. Images will be provided to make sure the piece is coming along as you envisioned, to ask for clarifications, and so you don't have any surprises upon delivery.

Niacin-Vitamin_B3 01 Artboard 1.png
Pantothenic Acid - vitamin B5 - ball and stick 01 Artboard 1.png


All artwork is packaged with care to ensure a safe delivery. If any artwork is received damaged, it must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. 

What is a commission reservation fee?

I charge a $100 reservation fee. I do this as a formal commitment between you and I that 1) I will hold this slot for you. 2) You are serious about the project. The reservation can be canceled no later than 2 weeks before your start date to receive a refund.

Why do you require a deposit?

I require a 50% deposit to begin. Think of it like a down payment on a house or car. We're entering into an agreement that I will perform the work you are requesting and you are agreeing to pay for that work. Similar to the reservation fee, it's an agreement for us both.

What happens if I cancel?

You may cancel your reservation and receive a 100% refund of your reservation fee if canceled earlier than 2 weeks before your start date. Reservation fees are forfeited when canceled within 2 weeks of start date.

For canceling after putting down a 50% deposit and beginning work, a refund, if applicable, will be determined on a case by case basis depending on how far along in the project we are as well as the circumstances behind the cancelation.

Can you explain your fee breakdown?

Absolutely! As an example, let’s say we agree on a painting for $1,000.

You would reserve a slot for $100.

When it’s time to start, you’d be charged a 50% deposit to begin work.

50% of the total is $500 and I include the $100 reservation fee, so $400 would be required to begin work.

The remainder ($500 + shipping/handling) will be paid at specified milestones laid out in your artwork commission contract and 100% must be paid before item is shipped.

Have more questions? Ready to get started?

Fill out the Commission Request Form:

Explanation of artwork fees



8 Point

oil on canvas

11 x 14 in.



Their Childhood Home

colored pencil

5 x 7 in.



Dave's Beasts

colored pencil

with custom oak frame

11 x 34 in.



Dave's Beasts, detail


Sara Kerr-Artist-304th-pararescue-9056.JPG

304th Rescue Squadron Mural


8 x 10 ft.


Want to see more? 


"Sara is one of the most creative minds in illustrating I've worked with. She writes diligent notes and is outstanding with her ideas. Her hasty output in work and strive for perfection made her a pleasure to work with. There's nothing more that would've made my experience more pleasant or better. She has a great rate too!"

-Samuel B.

"I was very impress with Sara. She sent me partial pictures to ease my concerned mind, and did everything I asked her for. Besides that - she made very good suggestions and made the pic even more meaningful. I would recommend Sara.

-Roberta W.

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