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Online Course Ideas: Dietitians Teaching Dietitians

You’ve probably noticed the growing trend among dietitians teaching various business skills, technical expertise, and nutrition specialties to other dietitians through online courses they developed and sell as part of their business model.

I’ve stepped into the course-creation space too and created a course on video editing for dietitians and healthcare professionals.

Have you considered offering a course as part of your sales and marketing funnel, but need some ideas and direction?

In this article we’re going to cover 5 online course ideas for dietitians with specific skills and expertise they would like to teach to other dietitians, dietetic students, or health professionals.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of offering online courses and whether offering an online course is worth it for you and your business, check out Creating and Selling An Online Course: Are Online Courses Worth It?

Ideas for Online Courses:

CEUs for Dietitians: Niche and Nutrition Specialty Courses for Dietitians

Human anatomy illustrations.

One of the great qualities about the field of dietetics is the flexibility and varied opportunities dietitians can pursue.

Dietitians are able to explore many new and interesting areas, seek advanced education in specific areas, plus (in the U.S.) dietitians need to complete CEUs so there’s a steady need for learning experiences.

Consider developing a course in your niche or specialty to teach other dietitians and get it approved for CEUs from CDR.

Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing reimbursement form for private practice.

Many dietitians build their own private practice, an understandably complicated and time-consuming undertaking. There are a ton of business skills to learn in order to run a successful private practice, we’ll cover a few of these later, but one particularly confusing part of running a private practice is understanding medical billing, insurance, and coding.

Consider developing a course where you equip dietitians with the skills to navigate this complex process.

Culture and Diversity Courses for Dietitians

Korean traditional table setup. Teaching cultural foods and traditions to dietitians.

It’s no secret that the diversity of the dietetics profession in the United States and Canada does not adequately represent the diversity of the patients we serve. Regardless of the diversity of the profession, it’s important for us as individuals to educate ourselves on as many cultures as we can.

Consider creating a course that teaches fellow dietitians about your unique cultural perspectives and insights, as well as on culturally competent practices for better client engagement.

Technology and AI Courses for Dietitians

Person wearing VR goggles.

As technology evolves and changes the delivery of healthcare, dietitians can stay at the forefront by exploring the integration of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) into their practice.

Consider developing a course that guides dietitians in leveraging innovative tools, apps, and AI-driven solutions to enhance nutritional assessments, streamline data analysis, and remain equipped in this increasingly tech-driven field.

Consider covering topics such as the use of AI in personalized meal planning, health tracking apps, and virtual consultations, as well as the current limitations of these technologies.

Business Skills Courses for Dietitians

Dietitian business owner writing at desk.

Looking beyond the realm of nutrition science, dietitians often find themselves running their own private practice, requiring a unique set of business skills we didn’t necessarily pick up in our undergraduate or graduate programs.

Consider creating a course teaching business skills you’ve honed over the years, covering essential areas such as marketing strategies, client retention techniques, developing a personal brand, and strategic planning.


Empower your peers while expanding your business horizons. Crafting an online course not only contributes to the professional growth of your colleagues but also positions you as a thought leader in the ever-evolving field of dietetics.


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About the Author

Sara Kerr, RDN, LD

Sara is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, artist, writer, and video editor. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University. In 2021 she founded The Kerrminator LLC, which specializes in creative services including video editing, graphic design, and content creation.


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