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Video Marketing Strategy: Tips For Marketing Your Creative Services

Updated: Jan 14

Are you tired of the same marketing strategies that just don't seem to work?

Video marketing allows creative professionals like photographers, videographers, designers, and artists the ability to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

In 2024 and beyond, videos will be key players in digital marketing to unlock a whole new level of success for your business.

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Why Focus On A Video Marketing Strategy?

Captures Attention and Builds Trust

Unlike static content, video allows you to connect with viewers on a personal level to show your personality and develop rapport with your audience. 

Expertise and Creativity

It is much easier to visually showcase your skills, process, and unique perspective through video.

Whether it's a client testimonial or a how-to guide, video allows you to bring your work to life in a way that static images simply can't.

Drives Client Acquisition

A great video can easily attract new clients and convert leads into paying customers. 

According to a Wyzowl 2023 study, 81% of companies say video has helped them to directly increase sales.

Incorporating video into your social media and web presence, can be a powerful tool for driving sales and growing your business.

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Planning and Developing Engaging Video Content

Identify Your Story

What makes your services unique and valuable? What is the core message you want to convey to potential clients?

Identify your story so that your video content revolves around it.

Define Your Target Audience and Buyer Personas

Before filming a video, you need to clearly identify your ideal client. Understand their demographics, interests, pain points, and online behavior.

This will help you tailor your video message and marketing efforts.

You can also create detailed profiles of your ideal clients that includes their motivations, challenges, and desired outcomes.

By understanding your buyer personas, you can craft video content that speaks directly to their needs.

Video Marketing Strategy

Consider the following strategies to get the best results from your video marketing efforts. 

Multiple Video Formats 

Don't create one-size-fits-all content. Develop short clips for social media, photographs for your website, and even video podcasts for YouTube.

Content Repurposing

If you are a content creator, you’ll likely have an archive of various photos and b-roll footage that you can already use to create an engaging video without starting from scratch.


Partner with other creators for joint content, interview sessions, or Q&A videos. This expands your reach and allows you to tap into new audiences.

Examples of Video Marketing

Now that you have the video, it’s time to share it.

Social Media

Utilize relevant hashtags, keywords, and encourage viewers to interact and share your content.

Cell phone home screen showing social media apps. Planning video marketing for social media.

Email Marketing

Integrate video links into your email newsletters to nurture leads and engage existing contacts.

Website Integration

Embed videos on your website landing pages and portfolio to showcase your work and expertise.

More Examples of Video Marketing

The types of products or services you're offering will influence the types of marketing videos you should create. Some examples of video marketing may be:

  • Testimonial Videos

    • Example: A client testimonial to share with your email list

  • Demo and How-To Videos

    • Example: A demonstration of using your product to post on Instagram

  • Behind-the-Scenes and 'Get To Know Us' Videos

    • Example: An informational video about your company and employees on the 'About Us' page of your website

  • Explainer Videos

    • Example: A talking-head style video on the services page of your website explaining your services and next-steps.

How to Drive Conversions:

1) Include clear calls to action:

Throughout your video and in the description, provide clear calls to action that direct viewers to take the desired next step. 

This can be visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, or contacting you for services.

2) Offer valuable resources: 

Integrate calls to action with valuable resources like downloadable guides, free consultations, or exclusive content to capture client emails for your email list.

3) Track conversions and analyze data: 

Utilize analytics to measure the effectiveness of your hooks and calls to action. Use this data to identify areas for improvement.


Video marketing is a powerful strategy for creatives to market their business and services. By optimizing for visibility across multiple platforms and including targeted calls to action, videos can play a powerful role in your marketing efforts. 

Want a complete guide on how to edit your videos? Check out the Video Editing Accelerator course.


About the author

Wan Na Chun, Registered Dietitian

Wan Na is a registered dietitian and personal trainer. As a home-cook, she shares how to create nutrient-forward recipes that are flavorful and delicious on her YouTube channel (@onepotwellness) and blog ( She loves one-pot wonders, tropical fruits, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.


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