I was an Emotional Mess During My Dietetic Internship

Updated: Jan 7

This is Part 1 of 3 talking about stories from my Dietetic Internship. I will put links to parts 2 and 3 at the end of the blog once they're published. You can also watch the full video on YouTube.

First, a little about Dietetic Internships

As you can guess from the title I'm going to be sharing some stories from my dietetic internship experience. I’m breaking them up into three posts, but you can watch the full video of me talking about my dietetic internship stories here on my YouTube Channel.

For anyone who's not a dietitian or is maybe considering dietetics as their profession or if

you're just generally interested, I'm going to give you a quick overview of what the internship is and why we do it.

Currently in the United States, in order to become a Registered Dietitian we need at least a Bachelor's degree, though soon to be required is a Master's degree. Once we complete our degree we have to do an internship, or in some cases there are coordinated programs that incorporate both the internship with the degree program.

Followed by the internship we have to sit for an exam. Once we pass the exam we obtain the credential of Registered Dietitian.

In order to maintain that credential we need to do continuing education every year. Every five year cycle we have to submit documentation that we did the continuing education, again, in order to maintain that credential.

You could wait until the last minute to do all your continuing education, but 10/10 would not recommend. Psst! I created a continuing education planner to help with planning and organizing your continuing education…check it out in my shop ;) *end sales-pitch*

Text reads The Continuing Education Planner for Dietitians. Bundle includes 8 pdfs, Cover Page, Learning Activity Notes, Goals Sheet, CPEU Tracker, Book Tracker, Daily Tracker, Time Tracker, Mindmap. Organize and plan your 5-year cycle, set professional goals, keep track of your CPEUs, be productive!

Basically, the internship is the practical application of what we learned in our degree programs. We’re applying what we learned to real patients and real people in the community.

I just want to cover, for a minute, the general feelings that I get about the dietetic internship.

I can't say that I know many people that look forward to the internship.

Obviously I can't speak for all other dietetic students, but the general vibe I got, and what I felt going into it was that many people didn't want to do it, myself included. Not only was it forcing me outside of my comfort zone, but for some context for those unfamiliar with how it works, we have to PAY for the internship.